Who am I?

This workshop introduces the themes of diversity and interfaith, exploring what values and behaviours will help us build positive relations with people who are different. Through creating their own “identity backpack”, students will reflect on what makes them special and unique. They will go on a journey around the classroom, interviewing their classmates about what is important to them.

Key skills are developed including: reflection, communication, questioning and active listening. An atmosphere of curiosity and respect for difference is cultivated throughout.

Through this workshop students will:

  • Explore the concept of identity, and the many elements it is comprised of, visible and invisible
  • Reflect on their own identity and build an understanding of what makes them special and unique
  • Take part in dialogue with their classmates, practising skills of questioning and active listening
  • Explore how to create positive relations with others who are different from themselves

This interactive workshop is an engaging stand-alone experience or excellent preparation for a Primary Encountering Faiths and Beliefs workshop.

Suitable for: Year 4-6

Student number: 12-30

Materials required: Whiteboard or flipchart, paper and pens

Session length: 50-70 mins (ideally 60)

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