Annual Report 2021-22

The year has certainly been a tough one – for trustees, staff, partners, donors, and most of all for our beneficiaries. Reduced social contact due to the pandemic affected social relations, livelihoods, and mental health. During all this, F&BF has worked to address social tension, educate the next generation not to hate, and celebrate the positive role faith-based organisations bring to our society.

Amongst the key organisation-wide goals that we set for the year, perhaps the most significant was ‘a new multi-year strategic plan in place that addresses the change we want to make and has full buy-in from the organisation.’ I’m glad to say we managed this, through wide discussions and consultations, both internal and external. At the heart of this strategy is a call for social change that will project the organisation into national conversations about the way we educate our young people and tackle rising hate crime.

As we embark on this new strategic path, it is heartening to know that it is built on solid foundations, documented in this annual report.

Our Impact April 2021 – March 2022

Thank you everyone who has been involved and supported us this year.  We hope you’ll find the time to read our full annual report and find out more about the impact we have had.

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