Religion and Worldviews in schools

Have you wanted to get involved with the teaching of religion in your child’s school, but didn’t know how to go about it? Or perhaps you’re a teacher or subject lead who wants to involve community groups in the teaching of Religion and Worldviews in your school, but you’re unsure how to approach the conversation – or you’re looking to reduce parent withdrawals.

Emerging from our research project in partnership with the Open University and Inform, these resource packs are designed for three different groups, tailored to your needs: with information on the Worldviews recommendation, what good religious education looks like, how you can get involved in (or bring diverse perspectives into) religious education in schools, and how you can equip yourself and get involved in the wider movement advocating for a balanced and diverse RE.

At the Faith & Belief Forum we believe that good education on religion in schools can lead to a celebration of difference and ultimately social cohesion; and the findings from our insights report show that multiple stakeholder groups agree. Take a look through our resource packs to learn how you can help your local school to celebrate difference.

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