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Saying goodbye and thank you to our amazing interns



06 / 10 / 17

The previous cohort of interns worked together to organise the World House event on the 14th September. This was an evening of poetry and discussion based around the concept of identity inspired by Dr Martin Luther King’s interpretation, which states that: ‘We have inherited a large house, a great “world house” in which we have to live together’.

The event consisted of performance of poetry and panel discussions and six poets were invited to perform. There were approximately 60 people in attendance, an impressive £200 worth of raffle prizes were kindly donated by individuals and local businesses within the local community and, in the end, the event raised about £327 in combined ticket sales and donations through their JustGiving page. This is the most any intern cohort has raised (though the new intern cohort hope to surpass that record!). The aim from the beginning was to host an engaging, interactive and an entertaining evening that remained true to 3FF ethos, focusing on the work that 3FF does and why it is significant; they managed to do just that!

Upon reflection on their time at 3FF, Hannah said: ‘The most memorable moment of my internship was being given the responsibility of researching, writing and submitting a grant application for the charity. I felt like a valued member of the team when I was trusted with this role, and it made me feel appreciated, not just as an intern, but as a part of 3FF.’

Maryam, who interned with the Schools team, felt “very positive about working in an intercultural field” because she could “visualise what it looks like now and recognise all the work that is being done already.”

Through her work with the Communications team, Sadia said that she “was able to improve my social media skills, and gain an understanding on how to employ social media to promote a service/programme”. Nafeesa mentioned that “on a broader scale, 3FF has made me realise why it’s important to participate in discussions about our differences, and do so respectfully, that it is ok to have different opinions and at the same time coexist peacefully.”

Finally, Wei Chieng reflected on her experiences at 3FF and her work, with the ‘Singing our Lives’ project, where she had the privilege of hearing the stories of refugees, in the form of an original and insightful poem.

All the 3FF team is extremely grateful for their support and wishes them all the best of luck for their future endeavors!

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