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Sixth formers get into crime and punishment



01 / 12 / 10

Fifty-three Muslim, Christian and Jewish sixth form students attended 3FF’s recent school linking conference. The day was part of the Shared Futures programme, which is run in partnership with Pears Foundation.

sidebar_1803FF gets people from different backgrounds to engage with each other around issues they really care about. So when preparing a school linking conference for sixth-formers from Muslim, Christian and Jewish schools, 3FF chose a hot topic: The criminal justice system.

Since most of the students were studying politics, law, religion or citizenship there was no shortage of opinions and reasoned arguments.

The day focused on rehabilitation within the justice system and gave the students plenty of opportunities to think about their own views and as well as what their different religions have to say on the topic. A number of experts also spoke at the event, sharing their insights.

sidebar_181At the end of the event the students voted for the next conference to be extended, allowing more time for discussion.

3FF’s Fiona McCourt said:

“The student were all in their teens, but they were still extremely tuned in with what’s going on in today’s society. They were very inquisitive and opinionated which led to really in-depth discussions, something we hope to see more of in the following events.”

The next two conferences will focus on “Collective & Financial Responsibility” and “Big Government or Big Society?” Each conference will build the relationships between students and encouraging them to learn more from each other.

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