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Slow and Stable Progress – Women in Politics Podcast

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21 / 07 / 17

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This month Grace Louisy hosted the ParliaMentors Alumni podcast with Mamataj Begum, Aqeelah Malek and Keerti Rajagopalan. They looked back at the election and reflected on how much progress there has been on electing more female MPs, MPs from minority backgrounds, and whether that matters at all!

They looked at the initiatives that are currently out there to redress the balance of those taking an active part in politics, what recommendations are think tanks making, and are women being treated as a special interest group who only care about children and is that the real problem with a lot of political parties.

Finally are high profile women in politics treated fairly in this country? Particularly looking at the Conservative party leadership campaign, Diane Abbot’s media coverage and the daily mail’s coverage of Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May’s meeting.

Listen to learn more about the experiences that female politicians have shared with the team and their hopes for the future of UK politics and how it compares to other countries around the world.

Who knows how soon we will be looking back at the next election and assessing how slow and stable the progress has been.

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