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The Faith & Belief Forum works tirelessly to build meaningful relationships between people of all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. Your donation will help us reach more people, bringing our award-winning methods to communities, schools and universities across the country.

From our interns and ParliaMentors, to Schools Workshops, School Linking and arts projects, our programmes are changing people’s lives across the UK…


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Your support could help give a classroom of children the confidence and knowledge they need to thrive in a culturally diverse world, or give a team of university students from different backgrounds the inspiration to lead social change in their local area.
Every donation will make a difference. If you donate…

  • £3 a month or £36 today, you could fund the cost of a coach which takes a classroom full of students to meet with students of another faith background.
  • £5 a month or £60 today, you could pay for a volunteer speaker in schools to participate in three workshops, reaching up to 200 students.
  • £10 a month or £120 today, you could subsidise six small LGBT+ organisations to take part in our new LGBT+Faith programme for free.
  • £20 a month or £240 today, you could subsidise the seed funding for the Social Action Project delivered by a team of ParliaMentors, reaching up to 300 local people.
  • £50 a month or £600 today, you could provide 60 teachers with essential resources for helping their students to discuss faith, belief and controversial issues in the classroom.

"Every young person in the UK should have the opportunity to attend a The Faith & Belief Forum workshop at least once in their life in order to achieve multi-faith and multi-cultural understanding."

Head of PSHE and Citizenship, the SENAD Group

Donate Today

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