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Teachers build new bridges with shared futures



01 / 10 / 10

sidebar_185Today’s multi-faith, multi-ethnic society offers amazing opportunities for people with different backgrounds and perspectives to share ideas and experiences. Yet a lot of children grow up without ever really engaging with anyone who isn’t from their own background. A group of teachers determined to change that got together at 3FF’s recent Professional Development Day to start building ongoing links between their schools.

The teachers on the Shared Futures programme (run in partnership with the Pears Foundation) come from a wide range of different faith and community schools. They all want to make sure their pupils get the chance to experience stimulating and educational meetings with children from other cultural backgrounds. Many met each other for the first time at the event and came up with some really extraordinary ideas on how to arrange exciting encounters between their pupils.

The day also featured workshops, such as “My Personality Recital”, run by Kate Massey-Chase, where the teachers learned to explore their own and each others’ identity through the use of drama. The “My Snapshot Self” workshop, run by Margaret Loescher, expanded on the idea of exploring identities through different outlets; this particular one uses a camera.

Rachel Heilbron, 3FF’s Deputy Director, said:

“The day was really inspiring as we got to see teachers from different backgrounds and schools engaging with each other and starting relationships. There was a wonderful feeling throughout the entire day of people dedicated to bringing children and young people together.”


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