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Teachers linking schools across faiths



01 / 02 / 11

sidebar_174Forty-five teachers united at The Windows in Islington, London, in late January to build closer links between their 33 different schools. All taking part in 3FF’s Shared Futures school linking programme got together to explore the best ways to encourage interaction between their students this year.

Aisling Cohn, 3FF’s School Linking Manager, said:

“The day was a wonderful opportunity for our teachers to listen and learn, network and plan. “

sidebar_175The first workshop of the day was led by Ray Downing , Associate Director of the Theatre Venture. Setting the tone with some stimulating icebreaker games, he then moved on to activities focusing on team building. A session on
interfaith sensitivity was held by Dr Andrew Smith, Director of Youth Encounter for Scripture Union. He talked about the seriousness of interfaith activities for young peoplewith strong beliefs, and how to support them fully in the process.

Amy Willshire, 3FF School Linking Officer, said:

“It was inspiring to see so many teachers working together to help their students to forge friendships and learn more about people from different backgrounds.”

The final teacher training event will be held in May.

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