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The World Comes to the Fun Run (or at least its food does) 

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10 / 08 / 21

by Raahim Zafar

The Interfaith Fun Run is coming up in a few weeks’ time and today we are highlighting some of the incredible food stands we will have on the day!  

We will have food stalls representing the Lebanese, South Asian and Afro-Portuguese communities that have made London their home – a fantastic intercultural way to have your lunch on a day celebrating London’s diverse communities.  

Here is a look at two of the groups, of the four food vendors, who will be bringing a taste of their homes to London’s first ever Interfaith Fun Run. 

Tripoli Express 

There are two Tripoli’s in the Middle East- one in Libya, one in Lebanon- and now there is one in London! Well – sort of. As far as we are concerned, it’s not an alternative fact because the food is very real, very authentic and 100% homemade by husband and wife and has been going strong since 2019. 

Tripoli Express serves Lebanese street food including Falafel, Shawarma, Humus, Haloumi and more. All their food is halal and gluten free with vegan and vegetarian diets also catered for – just ask on the day! 

Since lockdown has lifted, Tripoli Express’ diary has been packed once again with requests at weddings, sports events, religious celebrations and more so we are both privileged and delighted that they will be joining our Food Court on Monday 30th August at the Interfaith Fun Run.  

Soul Aid 

The Sikh community’s generosity is no secret – Gurdwaras across the world regularly hold langars for anyone and everyone to come and eat for free at open meals cooked and served selflessly by volunteers from the wider community. The vegetarian food is cooked in huge kitchens that form an integral element of every Gurdwara. 

Soul Aid was founded in 2017 by members of the Sikh community continues that tradition of selfless service – known as sewa – through its outreach programme helping the less fortunate in East London and Essex. Soul Aid works with local soup kitchens by providing hot meals, snacks, hot/cold drinks, clothes & hygiene products as well as handing out essential products to the homeless in East London such as clothes, hot food and sleeping bags.  

Since 2019, the programme has also expanded to provide food rations to less fortunate families in Punjab, India. On Monday 30th August they will be joining the Interfaith Fun Run and serving some delicious vegetarian Punjabi cuisine with all proceeds going to their programmes to help the less fortunate of all backgrounds both at home and abroad. 


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