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Training teachers to build interfaith connections


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28 / 02 / 20

In F&BF schools news, February saw the close of  this academic year’s second round of teacher CPD training for the Linking programme. Over 130 teachers from a range of schools and faith and belief backgrounds joined us to reflect on the journey so far and plan for Link day 2. We welcomed 13 teachers at the Waltham Forest Town Hall, 50 at our premises in London, 50 at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and 12 at the Think Tank Museum in Birmingham. Here’s what some of them had to say:

‘I enjoyed having the time to catch up with link teacher to reflect and celebrate the last session’

‘I enjoyed learning everyone’s Link day experiences and getting excited for the next day with planning’

‘I loved being more personal and really getting to know the other attendees’ 

Their brilliant ideas, willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue and commitment to delivering enjoyable interfaith and intercultural encounter for their students meant 5 full days of exploration and planning around the themes of diversity and difference. We’ll continue to support them with planning and facilitation for the rest of the spring term, and look forward to welcoming them back at CPD3!

‘I enjoyed talking about diversity and what it means to everyone, listening to different viewpoints’

‘This has made me think about how to increase inter-faith dialogue across the whole school community’

‘CPD sessions have been very useful – have enjoyed getting to know my partners’ 

Contact our education and learning team for more information about Linking or any of our schools programmes.

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