News / Updates from the Education & Learning Team – April 2020

Updates from the Education & Learning Team – April 2020

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29 / 04 / 20

Our Education & Learning Team update us on their projects during April 2020

Given that schools are still mostly closed, the Education & Learning team are busy continuing with creating Online Resources. We are still generating a great interest in the pilot phase of the project, with over 120 downloads of our lesson packs from the Safe Space and Identity packages to date!  We have had some fantastic feedback and are now reviewing this to edit the lesson plans.

We are working to support our Linking teachers at home by sharing home learning support resource packs.

We are also pulling together our third package on Controversial Issues,working with Woven Ink animation studio to create a short film resource – the main image above is a sneak preview!

To view and download these resources please go here and enter the password, which is ‘space’.


You may have also seen our #QuarantineQuestions online campaign which asks the public to engage in the themes of identity, diversity and community while self-isolating. Look out for ways to engage across our social media channels every Wednesday!

More information and resources for Quarantine Questions can be found here.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact our team at school@faithbeliefforum.org if you have any queries for the Education & Learning Team. 

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