News / Updates from the West Midlands Team – April 2020

Updates from the West Midlands Team – April 2020

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30 / 04 / 20

Photo: Community Dialogue session in Walsall earlier this year

The West Midlands team have been working hard throughout April to adapt to the current situation. This has been helped by the strong relationships with different communities across the West Midlands and with Walsall Council. These strong relationships have enabled us to carefully consider and connect where support has been most needed over the last month. It is also through these strong relationships that we have been able to have really good discussion about our work in the region and how we can have the best impact in these challenging times.

Through these conversations we have taken the difficult decision to pause our West Midlands work for the next month. As we reach the peak of the outbreak and pass through into the ‘new temporary normal’ it will be really important for faith communities and local authorities to rebuild and reconnect. We believe that we will need to have meaningful impact during that time, and by pausing now it will enable us to extend the amount of time that we can work on projects in the area post-lockdown.

So for now it is a temporary pause of our activities in the West Midlands. We are looking forward in hope and are preparing to continue to build on our work in the region in a month or two.

Rich, Daisy and Jaishree – The West Midlands Team

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