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31 / 05 / 18

In this edition of Interfaith Voices, Amal addresses this month’s theme, Faith, Belief, Inclusion and Acceptance. In her blog she contemplates the lack of inclusion she has noticed as a Muslim woman and the prejudice faced by her community. She reflects on the #WeStandTogether campaign and how she heard and saw so many people demonstrating love and support for her community. Amal’s experiences have continued to drive her quest for inclusion and acceptance for all.

I think acceptance and inclusion in all spaces is so crucial, now more then ever. As a visibly Muslim woman, it is easy to feel isolated and unsafe, given the current negative press around Islam and Muslims.  

A few months ago, anonymous letters were sent through people’s letterboxes which stated that April 3rd would be “Punish a Muslim Day”, with points being awarded for acts of violence. 25 points for pulling off a woman’s headscarf, 500 points for murdering a Muslim and 1,000 for bombing a mosque. This had caused a lot of fear within the Muslim community, but for many of us who live ordinary lives we had to carry on as normal.  

Sadly, I had to take a cab to and from work on this day because my mother was not comfortable with me being outdoors. What amazed me on this horrible day was that amount of communities that come together against hatred towards Muslims. The police had urged communities to take part in a #WeStandTogether campaign to demonstrate that London is an inclusive and tolerant city.

I heard so many stories from my non-Muslim friends, who with a view of acceptance and inclusion and more importantly love, offered to walk their Muslim friends home. Gestures such as this go a long way to help others feel accepted and know that there is hope for an inclusive society. Even though there is hatred and intolerance against the community I am apart of, it will never stop me from continuing to strive for inclusion and acceptance for all.

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