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Without faith there is very little hope



14 / 07 / 14


This year at the ParliaMentor’s Graduation, we were delighted to be joined by Trevor Phillips OBE. Not to be confused with ‘that bloke who used to read the news’, his career has spanned student politics, television current affairs, sitting in the London Assembly and most notably, chairing the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). We knew this Clever Trevor would have, well, clever words of wisdom to share.

Trevor Phillips OBE with the ParliaMentors Graduates 2014
Delivering his speech from Westminster, Trevor called politics and faith the two great streams of British society: ‘Without a moral sense, politics is nothing but party management … Never be tempted to let go of that central notion that belief in something better is what drives your political involvement.’

He continued, noting the challenges of immigration and diversifying populations aren’t going away. Yet the experience of programmes such as ParliaMentors empowers a new generation of politicians to say ‘the old politics isn’t a story we want to inherit’. We don’t have to stay with the prejudices of the past. Political parties don’t have to rise to the noise of UKIP in the way they are now.

Certainly new leaders are needed to address the democratic deficit: there is 70% underrepresentation of minority groups in Parliament. Aspiring politicians need to be human, able to confront conflict and stick to their strengths. They need to be leaders who ‘always always make [their] choice’.

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