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‘You get to feel like a member of the team as opposed to just another intern’



22 / 04 / 15

Group 1It is welcomes and goodbyes time at 3FF. In the last weeks, our last cohort of interns left the office to start new experiences, leaving the space for a new group of enthusiastic individuals who will volunteer in the Kentish Town office for the next three months.

Lisanne de Wit
Lisanne, Education and Schools Intern

3FF’s internship programme gives the opportunity to develop skills while supporting different projects alongside 3FF’s dedicated staff. Whilst interns have the chance to experience all the aspects of the work of an interfaith charity, they also bring their personality, skills, and ideas, making a valuable contribution to 3FF’s work.

Lisanne, intern at the Schools team said:

‘I can say without doubt that I enjoyed my time in London to the fullest by doing this internship. I felt I did meaningful work while making friends from various backgrounds, developing my confidence and learning so much about interfaith cooperation’

Alex Thygesen
Alex, ParliaMentors Intern

According to Alex, who supported the Mentoring team:

‘The great thing about the internship is that you get responsibility and get to feel like a member of the team as opposed to ‘just another intern’. The interns rely on the staff at first, but within the first week the office starts to rely on the intern in a great mutualistic way – this is one of the aspects that make the internships at 3FF so good’

Some interns felt that the value of their 3FF’s experience went beyond the professional sphere. Ciaran, who supported the Arts and Culture team noticed:

Ciaran O’Connor
Ciaran, Arts and Culture Intern

My time at 3FF has provided me with practical office based skills, and the opportunity to experience how the arts can work to bring people together through the choir and the King’s Artists Salons, which has been great. That said, perhaps the most significant thing about having worked at 3FF is the journey I have taken on a personal level. To be surrounded by genuine and like-minded people who share some of my passions has been refreshing; I’ve learned a lot about myself in my time at 3ff and truly value the connections I’ve made with staff and interns’

Alessia Mortada
Alessia, Education and Schools Intern

Remembering her participation to an Encountering Faiths and Beliefs workshop, Alessia, Schools intern, said:

‘I was really surprised and appreciative of the speakers and of how they openly talked about their personal religious and spiritual journeys. That session really touched me and got me more curious about learning other people’s journeys’

Nick Carr
Nick, ParliaMenotrs Intern

Other interns underlined how 3FF’s work influenced their way of relating to people from different backgrounds and beliefs. While supporting the Mentoring team, Nick said:

‘3FF helps people to deal with such difficult topics in everyday life, so that our society can be more cohesive, and this work is more vital than ever. It was an important lesson to learn and is something that I will look to pass on to others both in my working life and in general’

Similarly, Lizzie, Operations and Volunteer Management Intern, noticed:

Lizzie Lewis
Lizzie, Operations and Volunteer Management Intern

‘We can easily think that a group is open to differences by playing it safe and avoiding difficult conversations because they’re outside of our comfort zone. I learnt that you can turn these topics into interesting learning opportunities, so long as you have your safe space to explore them’

With their different stories and backgrounds, and with their desire to make a change by creating a more inclusive society, interns contribute to make 3FF a vibrant and inspiring environment. While saying goodbye and wishing the best of luck to the last cohort, 3FF welcomes the new interns, with the hope that they will also make the most out of their experience.


Find more information about 3FF’s Internship Programme.

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