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December updates from our Education & Learning team

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19 / 12 / 19

London – Workshops in partnership with Communities team

John Perry Primary School (3 and 4 December) – We delivered the last workshops of the year and we had two Jewish, one Humanist, and one Agnostic speakers share their stories with Year 5 and Year 6 students at John Perry Primary School. We really enjoyed our time there and students asked some really good questions leading to some great learning moments.

London – Linking

“It was an excellent linking morning. My children got a lot out of it and already cannot wait for the next linking day.” – Sacks Morasha Linking Teacher

“The programme went really well. We all enjoyed linking up and got excellent feedback from the children” – Al Sadiq Al Zahra Linking Teacher

“We were both happy with they way our classes interacted. Downsell were so lovely and Azhar quickly warmed unto them. Look forward to the next meeting.” – Azhar Academy Linking Teacher

“The children really enjoyed meeting each other and the activities really worked well. Some of our parents have said that their children were telling them all about how much they enjoyed the day.” – Yavneh Primary Linking Teacher

Iqra Primary School and St. Andrew’s Primary School from Lambeth met for the first time on 2 December 2019. Students got to know each other and worked on a poem together. We look forward to see what else they come up with throughout the rest of the year!

[You can see some pictures here]


West Midlands – Community, Linking and Workshops

In the West Midlands the Walsall For All Community Dialogue Project is underway with two pilot women’s groups in the North and South of Walsall. The first two sessions have brough together groups across different ages and backgrounds to explore issues such as identity and to both share their personal experiences as Walsall citizens and to listen to the stories of others. Phase two of the project will see the North and the South groups joining up to create one group.

They will continue the community conversations with the aim of building understanding across groups through sharing experiences and working together. In addition to the dialogue session, participants of the dialogue project have had the opportunity to develop a range of new skills such as mindfulness and seasonal wreath making.

One participant said, “It’s a really good integration project, it’s nice to talk with different people, to get to know each other better and to do different activities.”


The School Linking Programme continues to run in the West Midlands as does the delivery of education workshops in schools. The final workshop of the month will see Christian and Humanist speakers visiting a Muslim school to share their personal stories of faith and belief.

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