News / Podcast: Faith and Climate Change

Podcast: Faith and Climate Change



11 / 12 / 19

This episode of Dialogues Across Difference looks at the issue of faith and climate change.

Faith & Belief Forum Director Phil Champain is joined by Kamran Shezad from the Bahu Trust, Maria Elena Arana from CAFOD, and Shulamit Morris-Evans from Extinction Rebellion Jews to discuss how different faith groups approach the question, and how they can work together to combat climate change.

  • Kamran Shezad is the Sustainability Lead for the Bahu Trust and the Climate Change Advisor to the Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB).
  • Maria Elena Arana works at CAFOD as Campaign Coordinator. She is the CAFOD representative on NJPN, the National Board of Catholic Women, and the Environmental Issues Network of CTBI.
  • Shulamit Morris-Evans grew up in London and studied Classics at Cambridge University. In October 2018, she joined Extinction Rebellion and later helped found XR Jews.

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