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16 / 12 / 22

Youth in Interfaith

The Faith in Action Summit held on Wednesday 30th November 2022, by the West Midlands Combined Authority had members from our Youth Interfaith Hub and staff in attendance. Our young people led and facilitated workshops, and our amazing Mahmooda chaired a panel with Mayor Andy Street!

This event focused on the opportunity for faith & community organisations alongside civil leaders, local government & public sector bodies to further work together. Jaspreet Singh says ‘I really enjoyed being part of the Faith in Action summit as a board member of the West Midlands Faith and Strategic Partnership Group. It was a great experience to take the responsibility of being the youth leader of the organising committee of the summit. The planning process was not easy as it required a lot of thinking. However, being a ParliaMentor alumni I felt well equipped to deal with various matters which raised before, during and after the summit. 

We were able to connect more than 200 faith leaders from across the West Midlands. Most importantly we were able to get the Mayor of West Midlands, public health bodies, sports funding organisations, housing department, West Midlands Combined Authority and many more civic departments to be part of various aspects such as panel discussions, workshops, stalls etc as part of this conference. I feel blessed myself and Mahmooda both from Faith and Belief Forum roots were able to make a big impact on a regional level.’ 

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