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F&BF Interfaith Fun Run partners with United Nations Association, Faith for the Climate, and Naz Legacy Foundation

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28 / 07 / 21

Charities Article – Interfaith Fun Run

Today we will be spotlighting some of the charities that have partnered with us for London’s first ever Interfaith Fun Run. We have a mix of famous national names and some local charities from across London all of whom are undertaking irreplaceable work in their communities.

The United Nations Association (UNA) – London and South East Region (LASER)

Everyone knows the UN and the UNA believes “that a strong, credible and effective UN is essential if we are to build a safer, fairer, more peaceful and more sustainable world” so LASER works with UNA-UK to organise regional meetings and campaigns on issues of current concern in the UN system.

Even more, UNA’s Refugee & Asylum Co-ordinator is involved in a wide range of activities supporting those fleeing to the UK’s shores. They welcome new arrivals, provide support and give advice and recommendations to improve the refugees’ situation including connecting them with hotels, projects and government agencies working with refugees and asylum seekers.

African Portuguese Speaking Community (APSC)

APSC was established in Barking & Dagenham to serve the community of diaspora Portuguese speaking communities from Africa and South America. There are over 50,000 native speakers of Portuguese hailing from a number of countries including Angola, Brazil and Mozambique. APSC works to empower those who English is their second language with projects aimed to give the adults life skills to further their careers and serve the young people with activities to inspire and prepare them for the future.

APSC puts an emphasis on community building and engaging positively with other diverse groups in London work with The Faith & Belief Forum for a number of years. Most recently APSC took part in a community dialogue project at the beginning of 2021 where they linked with the Ahmadiyya Community and the Sikh Women’s Alliance where both groups exchanged their cultures’ music by singing to each other!

Faith for the Climate

Faith for the Climate exists to encourage, inspire and equip faith communities in their work on climate change so that they are able to live out their calling by acting to protect the climate.

Climate change is the biggest and most urgent challenge facing humanity. People of faith see our planet as a gift, and believe they have a sacred responsibility to care for and protect the Earth’s climate for future generations and Faith for the Climate’s work seeks to practically enable and support bringing these efforts to effective fruition.

Naz Legacy Foundation

Named after Naz Bokhari, the first Muslim headteacher of a UK State School, the Naz Legacy Foundation was founded by his children to continue his work of empowering young people regardless of their backgrounds to aim high and supporting them to succeed. Among Naz Bokhari’s students was Sadiq Khan, the current mayor of London, who says that it was Naz “who encouraged me to go to university and aim to put something back into society. He made me realise that skin colour and background should never be a barrier to fulfilling your potential.

Their mission is to help young people from minority communities and disadvantaged backgrounds by supporting their education whilst encouraging positive integration into British society.

Home-Start Barnet

Home-Start Barnet, Brent, Enfield and Harrow is an independent charity which is part of the Home-Start UK network. They work with parents with at least one child under the age of 5 who are struggling with the challenges that being a parent can bring. Their work has become essential to the daily lives of many families across the city who are struggling with a range of difficulties.

Their work involves their team of dedicated volunteers making regular home visits to support families struggling with post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement, and many other issues. Each family receives 2 hours of volunteer support a week to help them meet their needs. Home-Start also provides financial advice, support with mental health, and organises groups and events for families.


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