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I got all my sisters with me



05 / 12 / 14

Conversation at Female Voices
Making connections at Female Voices

Our communications intern, Ana, reflects on her first Female Voices event.

As soon as I entered Rumi’s Cave, I was told to take my shoes off. There’s Arabic music playing, a room perfumed with incense, a platter of grapes and tea was being served. The tone was set.

No, I did not just enter a spa. I was about to take part in the second series of Female Voices, which was hosted by Rabia’s Garden, JW3 and 3FF.

The room was soon full of women from different backgrounds and Rumi’s Cave was transformed into an open space for laughter, music, storytelling and poetry. In this intimate atmosphere, approximately 50 women gathered to share their stories. It was a multicultural environment full of women of all different faiths and beliefs exchanging words and connecting with each other.

Pearls of Islam perform
Pearls of Islam perform

Storytellers Jumana Moon and Adele Moss opened the event with captivating stories. This was followed up with lyrical poetry by Muneera Pilgrim and Golden Blue, and musical performances by Rukea and the Pearls of Islam; their voices so silvery that they got everyone humming, as if in a meditation retreat. Well, the meditation retreat was interrupted by a gentleman shouting from the outside of the venue “You’ve got beautiful voices!” which in return got everyone laughing.

As 3FF is the Mayor of Camden’s chosen charity of the year, Female Voices had the privilege of welcoming Daniela Pears, the Mayoress of Camden, to the event. She said:

 “It’s an absolute inspiration to be in the warmth and the energy provided by women coming from multiple faiths and backgrounds. There’s a magnetic vibration in the room of positive appreciation of each other, and it’s a real inspiration to be a part of.”

As a ‘3FFer’ and a first time Female ‘Voicer’ I felt like I was part of an innovative and unique movement. A safe-haven for myself and other women to get to know each other’s’ differences and similarities, a place to acknowledge the essence of being a woman in the 21st century. Golden Blue, lyrical poet, shared:

“I don’t think I’ve been to many women only events. My friends and I were saying that we do miss a bit of a female energy. It’s just really nice to have a time that is just for the sisters, celebrating ourselves and who we are.”

Rumi's Cave buzzing with conversation
Rumi’s Cave buzzing with conversation

Revna, one if the visitors, noted:

“I think these types of events can definitely impact women. As they said at the beginning of the event, there’s a certain competition between women in our society. I think this event reminds us that we, as women, should actually be more open to each other, more powerful, and more connected.”

A mystical experience with delicious food, and even more delightful conversations. The evening ended with inspiration in the air, and with everyone wishing that there could be a more frequent space for women only.

The third and last event of this Female Voices series takes place on Thursday, 15 January 2015.

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