Interfaith 2020

This week is World Interfaith Harmony Week, an opportunity to bring people from different faiths and beliefs together. A week to make a difference.

Working for understanding between people from different backgrounds has rarely been more important. Those of us who believe in a more connected and compassionate world need to take action to bring people together. To build communities where all feel welcome, where our differences don’t divide us.

Now is the time to promote dialogue and understanding. And you can help.

We hope you will join us in not only making World Interfaith Harmony Week the start of a global movement for unity, but you will be working towards a 2020 that brings people together. We’ll be sharing online content tagged #Interfaith2020 all week about the positive difference interfaith action can make, and we hope you’ll join in.

Our work is only made possible by all the people who share our vision and get involved. It’s through this movement of people that positive change can happen.

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