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Launching – Quarantine Questions!

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14 / 04 / 20

During the era of Covid-19 and with widespread lockdown, our Education and Learning Team will be engaging the public online in a series of ‘Quarantine Questions’ designed to get people thinking about identity, diversity and community – while in isolation.

Starting on April 15th, each Wednesday will see a day full of key questions for primary students, secondary students and adults alike. These conversation starters and dialogue tips are drawn from our Linking and Workshops programmes which aim to support RE, PHSE and SMSC provision during school term time.

We invite you to join us on Wednesdays on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  to have these conversations with any young people at home, to reflect in your own time, or to dialogue with other adults you may be in isolation with. The series has been designed to build empathy, confidence and increased understanding of different viewpoints and doesn’t require an educational background for engagement!

For more information on the series, visit our new programmes page.

We look forward to hearing your responses to our Quarantine Questions!

If you have any queries get in touch with the E&L team at school@faithbeliefforum.org

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