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09 / 08 / 22

The School Linking Programme, Virtual Mass Link Day and Recruitment for the next academic year


School Linking Virtual Mass Link Day:

We held a second virtual mass link encounter on the 7th of July. The morning brought together 10 Primary school classes from across London and Birmingham approximately 300 children! The morning was facilitated over zoom by the Faith & Belief Forum’s Education & Learning Team and was themed around the key question ‘How do we live together?’ Through the activities, children were introduced to Blob the Alien, exploring safe and welcoming spaces for all. They then thought about active citizenship through the starfish story and created their own starfish with small actions that they can take to make a positive difference. Finally, students ended with an activity thinking about what it meant to be thankful and created their own ‘Thankfulness Flowers’.  Students enjoyed co-creating resources and hearing from children in different classrooms; they created visual Jamboards and shared their starfish and thankfulness flowers on screen. Children said that they enjoyed ‘learning so many different things’ and ‘liked seeing other children’s work from other schools’.


School Linking Recruitment:

We have been busy signing up schools to run the school linking programme in the next academic year. The Education & Learning Team worked to re-engage schools that have not taken part since before the pandemic and schools that are totally new to School Linking. Many schools are pleased that the programme will be returning to in person CPDs and link days throughout the academic year, many schools are also pleased that the programme is flexible and can be adapted to a virtual or hybrid programme, making it more accessible for some schools. We are pleased to have confirmed a total of 55 schools sign up across London and Birmingham. We appreciate that the end of the school year can be hectic for schools, and so will have one final opportunity for schools to sign up in the first couple of weeks of September.

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