News / Podcast: Amplify – #WeAreMoreThanYourHeadlines

Podcast: Amplify – #WeAreMoreThanYourHeadlines


The Faith & Belief Forum

28 / 06 / 19

During the arts-based youth-led Amplify programme students from the University of Birmingham School have had opportunities to share their personal experiences. This highlighted that each individual has encountered injustices and prejudice such as racism, religious intolerance, mental health stigma and ridiculing of young voices. Through many sessions over a year, students explored why these things occur and believe, in part, this is created by way in which the media is dehumanising the most vulnerable in society with their reductive headlines. Amplify students have come together to create a movement called #WeAreMoreThanYourHeadlines to challenge these narratives.

In this podcast, F&BF’s Rich Pringle is joined by Arron Gill (Amplify Creative Practitioner) and students Lauryn Chan, Tariq Roubayi, and Layla Chishti. They discuss the process of exploring these important issues, and how they created their Manifesto.

See the full Manifesto here

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