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It may go against all British conventions, but all around you there are people from all different backgrounds just waiting for an excuse to say hello to one another. By organising an inclusive fundraising event for us in your local community, school, university or workplace, you can be that reason!

Organising a Faith & Belief Forum fundraiser event is a great way to make new friendships and connect with people you may never have spoken with before. And there are loads of things you can do:

  • Maybe organise a cooking evening, where people bring ingredients and recipes to make food together, and then enjoy sharing each other’s foods and dishes.
  • Or perhaps bring people together for a night of their favourite board games and computer games – nothing like a bit of healthy competition to create firm friendships!
  • If the weather is on your side, you could even run a sports day, with as many different sports available for people to take part in as you’d like.

Our committed fundraising volunteers do amazing things for us, but importantly, they love what they do too! In Guli’s words..

"Arranging the fundraiser was particularly enjoyable, as I was able to bond with my team members as we worked together to raise money for, and awareness of the organisation, and bring together people of different faiths and beliefs on the fundraising night itself."


The Faith & Belief Forum fundraising pack has been carefully crafted, tried and tested, and is full of ideas and tips for running an inclusive fundraiser event for us, and our fundraising team at the Faith & Belief Forum will do everything we can to make your event a success.

Drop us an email today to get started.

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