News / Tender for submissions: The Place of Faith & Belief in Social Cohesion

Tender for submissions: The Place of Faith & Belief in Social Cohesion


The Faith & Belief Forum

12 / 08 / 19

The British Academy is working with The Faith & Belief Forum to commission a Companion Review on Cohesive Societies that will sit alongside the programme’s existing Literature Review and Policy Review. This will explore the connection between faith and belief and social cohesion in the UK, with a particular focus on practice.

The aim of this review is to examine the social cohesion policy and practice landscape to understand where this policy and practice include and exclude faith and belief groups, and why.

> Download the tender for submissions here to find out more


Application Format

Applications should be concise (a maximum of 1200 words plus indicative references/bibliography) and should include the following:

a) A summary of the applicant’s understanding of the context and requirements of the review;
b) A proposal of how the applicant will meet the review objectives laid out above, including how case studies involving faith groups will be sourced and utilised;
c) An outline of the scope, an overview of the work plan, and an indicative schedule that is practical in the time and budget available;
d) Links to examples of previous work;
e) A plan for how the applicant will communicate with the Faith & Belief Forum and manage the review;
f) A breakdown of the costs within the specified budget and any other financial details.

Applications should be emailed to Tim Mortimer on tim@faithbeliefforum.org by Wednesday 28 August.

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