News / Podcast: Evaluating School Linking with Lucy Peacock

Podcast: Evaluating School Linking with Lucy Peacock


The Faith & Belief Forum

19 / 11 / 19

A few weeks ago, the Education and Learning team were paid a visit by Lucy Peacock, a long-term friend of F&BF. Since October 2016, Lucy has been conducting a PhD which aims to evaluate the effectiveness of our School Linking Programme. This studentship was advertised in partnership between F&BF and the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University and awarded to Lucy, who has a background in theology. She hopes to submit her thesis next Spring.

In this podcast she speasks to F&BF’s Evi Koumi and gives an overview of her motives for starting the PhD, the methods she’s been using, some personal and intellectual highlights so far – as well as hopes for the future of her findings.

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