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09 / 08 / 22

Culham Funded project – ‘Promoting the Exploration of Religion and Worldviews in Schools’:


This project in partnership with The Open University and Inform has now been launched. Our team have been busy creating and finalising outputs and resources that were created through the 19 months of the project.


  • We have released our resource packs for Parents, Community members and Teachers and subject leads. These innovative packs are designed to facilitate learning, greater understanding, and more productive relationships between different groups who are directly or indirectly involved in the teaching of religion in schools. You can download these packs by following this link: https://faithbeliefforum.org/resources/religion-and-worldviews-in-schools/


  • Our Open Learn course is also ready to access! This course explores how the teaching and scholarly community is working to ensure this curriculum remains relevant for the twenty-first century. It is aimed at parents, faith and community group members and all others who might be interested in the purpose and content of religious education in schools. Please do take a look: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/history-the-arts/an-education-religion-and-worldviews


  • The ‘Promoting the Exploration of Religion and Worldviews in Schools – Fostering Coherency and Diversity’ full report can be downloaded by following the link: https://faithbeliefforum.org/report/


We held two events in July. Thursday 14th July Religion and Media Centre (RMC) briefing event – Religious Studies: preparing students for diversity at work? Exploring a new report ‘Promoting the Exploration of Religion and Worldviews in Schools – Fostering Coherency and Diversity’. The panel included:

  • Dr Suzanne Newcombe, Honorary Director of Inform
  • Michael Wilcockson, representing the views of the Independent Schools Religious Studies Association
  • John Michaelis and Vandna Dey, volunteer Speakers from The Faith & Belief Forum
  • Bruno Daniel, Senior RCN Officer, Royal College of Nursing
  • Jasvir Singh, Barrister & Chair of City Sikhs
  • Amardeep Bassey, Journalist

Monday 18th July, we held an Engagement & review Celebratory event bringing together people who had taken part in our focus groups and surveys and supported the project throughout the last 18 months. We had feedback on the findings of the report, the resources, and open learn course, and how these could all fit into the work that others are doing as part of national projects and regional / community aims and ambitions. The event was also an opportunity for people to meet each other online and act upon one of the report recommendations to start build a network working towards a more connected group. We are now collecting feedback on the project as part of our evaluation through a wider survey that has been sent to all those who have been involved.

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