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09 / 06 / 22

Our Schools team work to provide the skills, resources and experiences so that both young people and educators alike feel confident communicating and collaborating with anybody, regardless of their faith, belief, culture or background.


Linking Programme

We held two successful in person CPD’s in Birmingham at the end of April, and one in London at the beginning of May. It was great to be back in the same room with teachers again, who were all enthusiastic about both the training itself and the programme as a whole. “A brilliant programme that promotes culture, diversity, inclusion and British values. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions that I have attended.”  We also have the Primary School Mass Linking Encounter coming up on 5th July, which will give schools the chance to interact with different classes, in addition to those they are already linking with, and engage in activities based around our themes of identity and community.


Culham Project

The project aims to educate people outside the classroom about the importance of teaching Religion and Worldviews inside the classroom. The recently published Insights Report analyses the data from a series of focus groups and surveys held online between July and November 2021.

This data was collected as part of the project Promoting the Exploration of Religion and Worldviews in Schools – Fostering Coherency and Diversity. This is a project undertaken by The Faith & Belief ForumThe Open University and Inform, with funding from Culham St Gabriel’s

You can read the full report here: Reports – The Faith & Belief Forum (faithbeliefforum.org)

Our Open Learn course is also due to be launched in July, so keep an eye out for that!


The Art of Q&A

Something else to look out for is our exciting new Art of Q&A session, which will be released at the beginning of July and will enable participants to ask and answer questions about sensitive questions such as faith, belief and identity with greater skill and confidence.


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