Faith Inclusion Training and Consultancy for Workplaces

We support organisations to build key skills and learn practical tools for sensitive and effective engagement with colleagues and clients of different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds

Programme Overview

Why is this important?  

Faith and belief can be integral to people’s identity, how we see the world, and what is important to us.  Knowledgeable and inclusive workplaces, which understand lived experiences and are able to meet employees’ needs, are essential to enabling individuals, teams, and organisations to thrive.   

There are vast benefits to prioritising faith and belief inclusion.  Research shows that employees with intercultural skills are better able to bring in new clients, work in diverse teams, and support good reputation for their organisations. A 2021 survey found that 63% of employees consider it important to understand other people’s beliefs in the workplace. 

How can F&BF help?  

Faith and belief inclusion is often overlooked in diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing initiatives, sometimes out of fear of ‘getting it wrong’.  We can help.  The Faith & Belief Forum have been supporting workplaces in the private, public, and third sectors for many years to confidently unlock faith awareness and faith inclusion skills among their teams, to implement more inclusive ways of working, and to create thriving staff networks.  Our expert team supports organisations to open up positive dialogue about religion, faith, and belief in the workplace, draw in senior leaders, and create positive change. 

How do we work? 

We work with organisations to develop tailored programmes that suit their budgets and needs. We offer one-off sessions and long-term partnerships.  Our programmes are available online, in person, and through hybrid approaches.   

What sessions do we offer? 

We can design bespoke sessions for your workplace, or deliver our core programmes: 

Introductory workshops and events

This is F&BF’s flagship workshop, which is an excellent introduction to our methodologies.  A panel of speakers from different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds share their personal stories, including experiences in the workplace, and model interfaith dialogue.  Participants will meet inspiring individuals from different backgrounds, deepen their knowledge of different traditions, and ask questions about topics they are curious about.  This session works well for large numbers, and we can tailor it for special celebrations and heritage months.   

This taster session introduces key principles for faith inclusion in the workplace and provides a supportive environment for sharing ideas and experiences.  Through interactive activities and facilitated discussion, participants consider important questions such as: Why is it important to create a workplace culture where conversation about religion, faith and belief are normalised?  What practical strategies can we implement in our workplaces for more inclusive ways of working?

Training days 

This interactive training day provides a strong foundation for inclusive ways of working with people of different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds.  Participants will explore key principles, including: understanding identity; the power of language; understanding potential barriers to participation; and responding to challenging scenarios.  All participants will apply learned strategies through creating a unique action plan, and will take away a handout of practical tips and tools. 

This immersive training day builds specialist skills for staff network leads and DEI practitioners.  Participants will explore key context to interfaith work in the UK, learn how to design and deliver effective programmes for building relationships and understanding between people of different faiths and beliefs, and sharpen their hosting and facilitation skills for sensitive and controversial topics.  


“Thank you very much.  Your session will prove invaluable for each of us individually, as a group, and for our organisation, as we go on this fascinating multi-faith journey”  – Senior leader, member of belief staff network, participant of Hosting Interfaith Dialogue training

“Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. You created something so special, unique and tailored to our organisation, which will result in positive change going forward”  – Community Engagement Manager, organiser of bespoke workshop

“I enjoyed the whole workshop but in particular the final section where we applied what we had been discussing to our own organisation. This section made me realise how much work we have to do which was super eye opening” – Charity worker, participant of Skills for Faith Inclusion training


We have standard prices for short and full day in-house sessions, which vary for online or in person delivery.  We also offer discounts for third sector clients and those booking multiple sessions.

We offer regular online taster sessions, which you can find here

To access our price list, find out more about sustained partnerships, or to book sessions please email siobhan@faithbeliefforum.org


Religion & Worldviews Survey, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust (2021) 

Culture at Work: The value of intercultural skills in the workplace, Ipsos and British Council (2013) 

Main contact

Siobhán Anderson

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