Commissioned Collaborative Projects

Creating opportunities for sharing and exchange between artists, educators and campaigners, new collaborative work and commissions arising as a result.


Since 2010 Urban Dialogues has commissioned collaborative artworks. The collaborations programme gives artists the opportunity to create through a process of reflection and dialogue, acknowledging difference as well as discovering similarities and points of contact, creating valuable relationships along the way.


In 2011 the exhibition featured three collaborative artworks which were granted commission awards. The collaborations were previewed at Sacred Space, Jewish Museum, and Mica Gallery. Project partners Arts and Christianity Enquiry, Jewish Community Centre for London and Maslaha helped recruit artists and publicised the exhibition.


In 2013 we added a new dimension to the programme by launching a joint initiative with the Cultural Institute at King’s College London to bring academics and artists together to create new forms of engagement and collaboration. The aim of this initiative is to see how academics can influence and impact artistic practice whilst allowing artists to inform and inspire new ways of thinking.


Recently our series of salons produced in partnership with the Cultural Institute at King’s: Conflict and Belief in the UK brought artists, academics and campaigners together to discuss the role of art in our understanding of conflict and belief, resulting in 4 new collaborative projects




  • Belief and Conflict
  • Collaborations 2013

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