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We believe that young people should feel confident communicating and collaborating with anybody, regardless of their faith, belief, culture or background. Questions of belief and personal identity have never been more complex for young people. The ease with which people can connect with one another across the globe, and the massive cultural diversity found in the UK, means that young people need the skills and confidence to navigate this terrain. 

These resources will support anyone working with young people including parents, youth workers and teachers to develop skills for dialogue and explore identity, faith and belief.

Quarantine Questions project

The questions that form these series are taken from F&BF’s educational workshops centered upon themes of identity, diversity and community. We look at what aspects make up who we are, and what groups we belong to; what commonalities and differences we share with other people and what diversity means.

Please do use these questions as conversation starters with the relevant age group. Dialogue on these issues is always important as it helps build confidence, empathy and critical thinking. In lock-down, physically separated from our communities but with societal divisions brought into ever-sharper relief, these skills may be more pertinent than ever.

Quarantine Questions guidelines

QQs Guidelines

Primary school age Quarantine Questions

QQs Primary

Secondary school age Quarantine Questions

QQs Secondary

Adult Quarantine Questions

QQs Adults

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