Meet the team

Phil Champain


Harriet Jordison

HR & Operations Coordinator

Ben Saxon

Finance Manager

Josh Cass

Fundraising & Development Manager

Eli Tamir

Fundraising & Development Coordinator

Rakin Sayed

Fundraising Officer

Philip Ybring

Communications Manager

Tim Mortimer

Programmes Manager, Movement Building

Siobhán Anderson

Programmes Coordinator, Workplace & Community

Jessica Hazrati

Programmes Coordinator - Building Better Communities

Anna Lockley-Scott - Building Better Communities

Programmes Coordinator

Raahim Zafar

Programmes Officer - Building Better Communities

Rachel Cohen

Programmes Officer - Building Better Communities

Ben Shapiro

Programmes Officer, ParliaMentors

Sarah Koster

Programmes Manager, Education & Learning

Alyaa Ebbiary

Programmes Officer, Education & Learning

Amy Ark

Programmes Coordinator

Mahmooda Qureshi

Programmes Coordinator, West Midlands

Jaishree Patel

Programmes Officer, West Midlands

Daisy King

Programmes Officer, West Midlands

Miriam Feldmann Kaye

Project Director, Middle East


Imelda Bye


Katy Dent

Education & Learning Consultant

Sorcha Connell

Digital Communications Consultant

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