ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme for university students from different faith and belief backgrounds.

Programme Overview

ParliaMentors is a UN award-winning leadership programme

where teams of university students of different faiths and non-religious beliefs collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by MPs.

Through expert-led training, support from local and national NGOs and access to Westminster, ParliaMentors gives students the networks and skills they need to effect real change in their communities, in their careers and in the political arena.

Students on the programme will:

  •         See politics in action: Gain a unique insight into the political process while being mentored by MPs and Peers.
  •         Create social change: Work in mixed-belief teams to create social action projects with support from leading charities.
  •         Develop leadership skills: Learn through direct experience, expert-led training workshops and events.
  •         Build networks: Create new professional and personal links with institutions and organisations and by joining our Alumni Network.

Since 2007, over 580 people have graduated from the programme and now form our vibrant alumni network, continuing to engage in the many opportunities on offer to former participants.

“This is a huge opportunity for you. I want to pay tribute to the Faith & Belief Forum for this initiative… and I think it is very, very important. It is a great badge of honour for you that you are part of it.” – Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP


Apply to Parliamentors

ParliaMentors is open to university students who identify with a faith or belief (religious or non-religious), are keen to work with others of different backgrounds and aspire to be political or community leaders. We are looking for participants who have an interest in making a positive impact on society beyond university, and who take an interest in British politics.

Applications for 2022-23 are cloased.
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Please note that this year applications are only open to anyone who will be a current student at the following nine universities:

  • SOAS, University of London 
  • Queen Mary, University of London 
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Nottingham
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • University of Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University
  • Coventry University
  • University of Liverpool

For more details on the programme and the application process, read the programme details. For any questions not answered on the programme details page, please email us.


Programme Details

F&BF’s UN Award Winning ParliaMentors is a programme where teams of university students of different faiths and non-religious beliefs collaborate to create real social change while being mentored by an MP.

The programme brings together emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds across UK universities and equips you with the skills, experience and networks to realise your career aspirations and ambitions. Through MP mentoring you a gain real insight into politics and interactive training gives you the tools to create social change. The programme is fully funded and supported throughout the academic year. We welcome applications from students who identify with a faith or belief (religious or not) and aspire to become political or community leaders.

How does the programme work?

You create social change

In a team of 5 students from your university you’ll create a social action project with guidance from F&BF staff and leading NGOs, identifying and responding to a local community need. Students have ownership over their projects, from inception through to delivery,

You see politics in action

Each team is mentored by an MP. Through the mentoring process, you’ll gain a unique insight into politics, seeing politics up close and behind the scenes. You’ll meet with your mentors three to four times. You’ll regularly have the opportunity to attend political events, committees and debates. See our former mentors at List of mentors 2007-22

You develop skills

You’ll attend a three day long expenses-paid residential event exploring and developing your leadership, dialogue, community and political engagement skills. Participants graduate from the programme at a high-profile reception in the Houses of Parliament. Previous key-note speakers at ParliaMentors events include Jon Snow, Baroness Warsi and Bonnie Greer.

You build networks

Since 2007 over 600 students from diverse backgrounds have taken part in ParliaMentors, along with over 85 MP Mentors. Upon graduating you’ll join a vibrant Alumni community who have gone on to work for the Home Office, BBC, think-tanks, charities, MPs and the Civil Service. Others have been elected as local councillors, set up charities and even become MPs themselves. They also delivered the UK’s first youth led Interfaith Summit. Find out more about them here.


For more details on the programme, click the sections below:


You are eligible for ParliaMentors if you fulfil the criteria below. Please note the programme is limited and competitive, there are only 5 spaces available at each university.


  •         The programme is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as UK, EU and International students
  •         You must be a current student at one of our participating universities in the forthcoming academic year

ParliaMentors celebrates difference, and as such we welcome a diverse range of students to apply. However, in general we are looking for ParliaMentors who:


  •         Are interested in working with people from different backgrounds
  •         Already have some leadership experience and are looking to take this to the next level
  •         Are interested in bringing their campus and local community closer together
  •         Identify with a particular faith or non-religious belief
  •         Have an interest in British politics
  •         Aspire to be a political or community leader
  •         Are proactive and committed to making the most of the whole programme

We recruit for the next round of ParliaMentors from 15 February – end of May each year.
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ParliaMentors runs alongside the academic year. The core activities of the year are below, if you are accepted on to the programme you’ll find out more.

  1. In the week beginning 5th September, we’ll train you up at ParliaMentors Induction 2022 a 3-day residential led by F&BF and leading NGOs, where you’ll learn how to create social change and attend a Parliamentary Reception.
  2. In October, you’ll pitch your social action ideas to community professionals, higher education staff and your fellow ParliaMentors at your ParliaMentors Community Consultation.
  3. From February, you’ll use your training to create social change in your local community
  4. In June, you’ll graduate from the programme in an official Parliamentary Ceremony with your MP mentors, prominent community sector leaders and supporters of your social action project.

You’ll mentored and supported by an MP throughout the year.

Over 85 MPs and peers have mentored ParliaMentors in the past.

You’ll be mentored by an MP from the constituency surrounding your university. across the year, you will:

  •         Gain a unique insight into Westminster
  •         Learn about how an MP’s constituency operates
  •         Shadow your MP mentor on their official Parliamentary or constituency business
  •         Attend political events such as PMQs, select committees, APPGs

Social Action Project create change in your community to improve the lives of others around you. ParliaMentors have tackled hate crime, inspired political participation and supported local foodbanks and other incredible social change. ParliaMentors social action projects are:

  •         Self-led: we support your team to create a lasting impact on the community surrounding your university.
  •         Seed funded: ParliaMentors receive up to £300 to deliver their project and are supported to fundraise if necessary
  •         Supported: through practical training and workshops from F&BF staff, ParliaMentors Alumni and leading charities/NGOs.

ParliaMentors is about collaborating to lead and is a real insight into politics alongside the practical skills and experience you’ll need to take the next step in your leadership career. You’ll be managing your own project, negotiating with your team to develop creative ideas to tackle social problems and in your diverse team learning about how intercultural and interfaith dialogue can shape a future that belongs to people of all beliefs.

Upon graduating you’ll receive an official certificate and join a network of over 600 alumni who have graduated from the programme in the last 15 years who have gone on to deliver social change as elected politicians, in the civil service, in charities and the law. Alumni are supported through the ParliaMentors Alumni Committee, a group of ParliaMentors Alumni who provide ongoing social and professional opportunities and development for graduates of the programme. They also plan F&BF’s flagship Interfaith Week event the Interfaith Summit

We encourage ParliaMentors to talk about the programme on their CV, it can really make you stand out to a prospective employer!

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Ben Shapiro, Programmes Officer
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Ben Shapiro

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