Amplify is an arts-based youth-led programme for Sixth Forms and Further Education colleges.

Programme Overview

Amplify is an arts-based youth-led programme for Sixth Forms and Further Education colleges.

Creating and strengthening safe spaces within educational institutions for exploring issues relating to faith, belief, identity, belonging, social trends and community in a rapidly interconnected and globalised world.

This programme focusses on three active principles: Critical investigation, Creative expression and Access to Platforms. These platforms range from arts and community spaces, to educational institutions, to corridors of power (e.g. Westminster Palace) where young people and make their voices heard. This year we are delighted to be working in partnership with Westminster Academy and University of Birmingham School.

Amplify is structured around three phases:

This consists of a series of interactive sessions in which young people (Amplifiers) work closely with expert facilitators to explore issues and interests related to identity, faith/belief, power, leadership, society, justice, and sensitive issues in a context of global citizenship. Here the focus is on setting a safe and engaging space, which is youth-led and serves to empower Amplifiers to set their own agenda and investigate issues they themselves consider pressing. The ideas and content generated through these sessions shape the creative manifestos in Phase 2.

In this phase, Amplifiers work closely with a team of artist to collate and select ideas and materials from phase 1 and shape them into creative manifestos. In self-led manifesto groups, Amplifiers focus on an issue they feel passionate to tackle creatively. They choose a creative medium from a range of options, through which they want to express themselves. Manifestos may take the shape of a performance, film, exhibition, spoken word, creative writing, a zine. This phase consists of four full days, providing a unique and transformative immersion, during which time they are provided with expert guidance and support throughout the creative process.

This phase focuses on production, community engagement, and access to platforms and spaces to present the creative manifestos. Amplifiers gain skills in leadership, outreach, public speaking, as well as convening conversations in diverse spaces. Young people will showcase their work at F&BF’s successful Interfaith Summit during National Interfaith Week where they will be joined by a plethora of guests across all levels and sectors of leadership. The Interfaith Summit is an interactive youth-led initiative by F&BF’s ParliaMentors Alumni Committee. They will be supported in producing and organising their own manifesto presentations.

How to apply

Amplify is a project that is flexible in design and can be adapted to suit diverse Sixth Form and Further Education timetables and curriculum structures.

Amplify Manifesto 2019

Watch the Manifesto by the West Midlands Amplify group. In this Manifesto, hacktivist group INCOGNITO has hijcked the news, and they have some demands!

[youtube v=”vyAN-LSb3vQ”]

Amplify Manifesto 2018

Want a taster? Watch the Manifesto by the latest Amplify cohort here.

[youtube v=”pem0wllbFX4″]

Amplify Manifesto 2017

The very first Manifesto by Amplify’s pioneering group.

[youtube v=”ZNq1gH6DHTY”]




School Workshops

Our workshops bring real-life experiences of faith, belief, and identity into the classroom via a panel of trained speakers.  

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