Skills for Interfaith

This workshop introduces the themes of diversity and interfaith, exploring what values and behaviours will help us build positive relations with people who are different. Through interactive reflection activities students will deepen their understanding of themselves and their classmates. They will gain practical tools for dialogue and building empathy with those who are different from themselves.

Through this workshop students will:

  •         Appreciate and reflect on the complexity of identity, their own and that of others
  •         Identify a key belief of their own and factors that have led to holding to this belief
  •         Take part in dialogue with their classmates, practising skills of questioning and active listening
  •         Understand barriers to empathy, and identify ways of overcoming them
  •         how to create positive relations between people of different beliefs

This interactive workshop is an engaging stand-alone experience, which can prepare students for the diversity they will encounter in the workplace or at university. It can also act as excellent preparation for an Encountering Faiths and Beliefs workshop.

Suitable for:

Further education groups
Student number: 12-30
Materials required: Whiteboard or flipchart, computer, projector, speakers, paper and pens
Session length: 50-70 mins (ideally 60)

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