Walsall Community Dialogue Project

This Project brings people together from different faiths, beliefs and backgrounds to share stories and make connections across communities. 

Programme Overview

What is the Walsall Community Dialogue Project?

We are working with Walsall For All to create spaces for local people to come together to engage in conversations about the things that are important to them. In light of COVID-19, we feel that it’s more important than ever to create platforms where people can come together to connect and reconnect.

The project aims to capture the voices, stories and experiences of those living in Walsall around the themes of identity, diversity, belonging and living together. The project also gives local people the opportunity to engage in conversations and create connections with different people in the borough who they may not usually have the opportunity to meet.

We have had to adjust, like many, to the continuously changing environment. The project is now COVID-proof, supporting people to have online conversations with the same aims as the original project we launched In January. Those participating in the project will come together over three dialogue sessions, two of which will be linked with another group from Walsall, to take part in dialogue activities.

Who are we working with:

This project is funded by Walsall For All, Walsall Council’s long-term strategy for creating strong and integrated communities in the borough. As identified by the Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG), Walsall is one of five national integration areas, providing an exciting opportunity for each of the areas to share best practice, as well as trying out and developing new ways of bringing communities together.

Engaging community groups and individuals in the project:

The project aims to engage with people from all across the borough with different identities, experiences and backgrounds. We believe that bringing diverse people together helps to build bridges between communities and provides a space where we can learn from each other.

In phase one of the project we worked with 16 groups across Walsall and in phase 2 we are working with 14 groups, some of whom are existing groups and some of whom are new to the project. These groups will meet for their first dialogue session and then be linked with another community group for the second and third dialogue sessions.

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