The Art of Empathy

Skills for Dialogue and Communications – Workshop 1

A “face value” judgment can give us clues about who someone is – but how can we go beyond these initial impressions and really understand someone else?

This workshop begins with a chance to reflect on the students’ own identities and therefore those of others. Then, using a “video encounter” with Hindu presenter Suchitra, we will identify and practise key practical skills for empathising and building positive relations with different people. These include active listening, observing, comparing, and summarizing points of view that may not be our own.

Through this workshop students will:

  • Explore the concept of empathy, and practise tools and techniques for going beyond face-value judgements and showing empathy towards others, especially those who are different to them
  • Understand barriers to empathy, and identify ways of overcoming them
  • Appreciate the complexity of their own identity and that of others
  • Explore how to create positive relations between people of different beliefs

This is a companion workshop to “The Art of Asking”

Suitable for: Year 7-13

Student number: 12-30

Materials required: Computer, projector and speakers

Session length: 50-70 mins (ideally 60)

The value of delivery of each day of F&BF workshops is £600. However, our funding allows us to offer discounts and grants to schools in London and West Midlands.

We allocate our grants on a first-come-first-served basis to any school:

In London and West Midlands these grants allow us to deliver up to six workshops per term at a school without any cost other than a small admin fee (£50 per delivery day).

For schools outside of London and West Midlands we have a limited number of similar grants plus additional travel costs for the necessary F&BF team members from London or West Midlands.

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